Mamashanti Private Yoga Sessions – Perhaps you’ve been thinking about your pelvic floor function.  Perhaps its been difficult to find a practitioner you can relate to.  My private sessions are perfect for all women who are seeking a more confident relationship with their womanly bodies.  This is a place for your own (non-sexual) exploration of practices to support you through your own life stage. Book in for your own Women’s Yoga Therapy Session and enjoy the extra support mamashanti will be glad to offer.  

Who are these sessions for? 

The sessions are perfect for all women traversing through all life stages. Any woman feeling it’s time for self nourishment. Women feeling deplete or in a phase of deep transition or recovery.  Especially beneficial in the years following birth, and of particular benefit for women seeking extra support to recover pelvic floor function.

Women’s Yoga Therapy Session Menu

Lush and lovely restorative yoga practices ~ together we will work through each nourishing breathing and movement sequence, so you can confidently take home mamashanti’s notes and integrate these practices into your daily routine.

Yin and yang of life-long pelvic floor integrity ~ your own Private Pelvic Floor Rx session tailored to nourish your pelvic floor and help you cultivate deep confidence and trust in your body.

Gentle bodywork ~ you might like a bit of hands on help from Nina with Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure and subtle practices to unravel tension and resistance from your body.

Energetic healing ~ reiki can feel like you are being washed in radiant love-filled light. The softness is creates, gives you a way to detach from the external pressures of life and drift inward. 

Exquisite guided meditation ~ to lift your spirits and nourish you from deep within.

Professional referrals & resources ~ because sometimes we could use a little extra help.  Nina has a network of experienced, compassionate practitioners who can help you find more comfort and confidence in your body and yourself.

Diet and lifestyle ~ we’ll look at simple and sustainable ways you can fine tune your diet and lifestyle to help you feel the best you can.

Post birth debrief ~ is a profound experience to energetically and emotionally heal your body and to lovingly guide you over the threshold from maiden to mother.

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