Mamashanti’s Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth seamlessly integrates contemporary yoga with inspiring and on-point childbirth education. These sessions are a warm, inclusive space to embrace your body’s boundless birthing potential. Immersion in this practice will give you all you need to birth your baby.

Mamashanti’s Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth is perfect for all women seeking practical guidance, support and encouragement to make birth choices in alignment with their heart-felt values.  Through Autumn and Winter of 2020, sessions will be held as  Private Birth Preparation Workshops via Skype or Zoom. These sessions are proven to be of great support for women preparing for VBAC,  women resolving birth trauma and all women hoping to create a positive birth experience.

Each element of Mamashanti’s Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth plays a unique role to create a unified and accessible way for you to claim sovereignty in your birthing journey; to birth your child with dignity and grace. Immersion in these sessions helps you take mamashanti’s unique suite of active birth practices from learned technique into the realm of instinct and intuition. This is what will create profound body-felt confidence in your own boundless birthing potential. 

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth Options:

“Willing women, especially those whose lifestyle has not served them in building up habituated ‘working with pain’ skills (a habit of slowing and deepening your breathing, a habit of relaxing your muscles, a habit of rhythmic movement) will need, perhaps like a dancer to practice to the point of habituation the active birth positions and strategies that will provide a springboard for instinctive birthing behaviours and the ‘evolutionary regressions’ to kick in.

Building up a familiarity with these movements will enable the willing woman to more readily surrender to her instincts, instead of being hijacked by her pain instincts. The idea of ‘practise till habituation’ is not about ‘control over’ but rather a ‘path in’ and is the foundation to surrendering to your birthing instincts.”

Rhea Dempsey – Birth With Confidence


I sought pregnancy yoga to increase my confidence in birthing my baby with minimal medical intervention. Your yoga met this need plus so much more. You helped me with the emotional ups and downs of the pregnancy journey. You drip fed information each week about baby development, birthing baby, staying healthy during and post pregnancy, attachment strategies ie ways to increase bonding with baby both during pregnancy and afterwards.  You gave me strategies to predict medical intervention, minimise medical intervention and also give permission for invention when needed ie not a black and white view that medical intervention is ‘bad’.  You enabled me to connect with my body and get into zone even in a very medicalised environment during labour. The positions practiced in class focused on exactly what I needed during labour.  I had a drug free labour that I believe was only possible because of your classes!!! — Louise–