I feel myself sliding into the ’The Void’. The hazy few days before my period arrives. Even though it’s early summer, my body feels cold, all of my inflammatory conditions are getting twitchy – hay fever and asthma are volatile, digestion is getting a bit NQR and random endometriosis pain is increasing. By the way, this is me having a good month!

So this cozy brew is bringing me great joy this morning …

1 mug coconut milk

2 tsp @atelier_botanica Beetroot Cacao Latte

1 rounded tsp black tahini

1 tsp maca powder 

1/4 tsp He Shou Wu powder (optional)

Pile all of your ingredients into a small saucepan. Whisk over medium heat till steam rises. 

Find a pretty place to enjoy this spiced, earthy, deeply nourishing brew.

Note – tahini will kind of sink to the bottom of your mug, just keep swirling as you sip!

This ultra yin and blood nourishing drink supports energy; nourishes skin and hair and in TCM helps to build blood. Beetroot, raw cacao, black sesame seeds are a nutrient dense, flavoursome combo. 

He Shou Wu and Maca are superb adaptogenic herbs, helping to regulate hormones and offer a sustained energy without a sneaky crash. 

Chai spices in the latte blend, boost the anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the other ingredients and gently support digestion and immunity. 

Beetroot helps to build iron, very helpful in anticipation of your monthly bleed. Added bonus, beetroot satisfies the need for sweet, in this otherwise unsweetened beverage.

Black sesame seeds contain antioxidants and tocopherols, the main component in Vitamin E. Along with raw cacao, they contain magnesium, calcium and trace minerals such as copper and zinc.  This all adds up to perfect pre-menstruation tonic. .

I use @atelier_botanica because it’s my little sister business.

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