It’s time to liberate your pelvic floor for birth! Have conversations about preparing your pelvic floor for birth been reduced to a simplistic rhetoric of keeping muscles strong? And that Pregnancy and Birth will leave you with a pelvic floor that is weak and unreliable?

Its time to dive into a rich practice that considers all aspects of the Health and Resilience of this precious place. Time to embrace the central quality of Integrity. 

Your pelvic floor is your connection to Mother Earth.  It’s from this energetic centre that we transmute our feelings of safety and trust. Feelings of safety and trust are the cornerstone to Intimacy, the juice of labour and birth. 

Are you ready to explore this connection, to open yourself to a whole new paradigm? A way of cultivating softness in your pelvic floor to sincerely facilitate birth and in so doing,  protect Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity?

Join me in my One-Day Retreats, where we will co-create your own personal practice thats just right for You:

Pregnancy and Birth – Breathe for Birth

Every Woman :: Every Other Day – Pelvic Floor Rx


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