Mamashanti’s Pelvic Floor Rx Workshops  

Mamashanti’s Women’s Yoga is a quiet revolution in women’s health, I am delighted to be able to share women of all ages and life stages. My particular areas of focus are in offering sincere guidance in emotional and energetic wellbeing and pelvic floor integrity.

Mamashanti’s Pelvic Floor Rx Workshops ~ The Yin & Yang of Life Long Pelvic Floor Integrity gives you the exquisite entwining of breath, movement and acupressure 
for a yoga session that is deliciously upbeat, contemporary and inspiring. Gift yourself with practices that will have you reclaiming your womanly confidence and feminine sovereignty. It’s all about lush and lovely practices to build strength, sustain flexibility and truly appreciate your gorgeous womanly self. Experience practical ways to nourish yourself; cultivate calm and raise your spirits so you are better able to enjoy time in your own skin and with your loved ones.

Explore a highly evolved yoga practice, that appreciates your pelvic floor, just like the rest of your body is an entirely unique, intelligent, exquisite and complex structure. In these insightful and inspiring sessions, we journey into the subtle suite of practices that will have you lovingly create a new relationship with the muscles and energetic centres that inform your sense of feeling safe, grounded, confident and a potent, creative force within your personal realm. Recognise the physical, energetic and emotional ways pelvic floor disfunction manifests and explore the many ways to enhance health, comfort and confidence. This includes addressing undertoned pelvic floor and the very misunderstood and incredibly common, modern condition of the over toned pelvic floor.

These sessions will give you practical ways to build energetic and emotional reserves; stimulate circulation; sooth the tired mind and frayed nerves; boost immunity; improve sleep; cultivate balance in strength and flexibility and regulate your metabolism. We open and close with deep restoration and nourishment. A place to move, breathe and re-engage with your own internal rhythms. This all adds up to being an exquisite womanly practice that will have you feeling thoroughly understood and lovingly supported. Pelvic Floor Rx is a welcoming, inclusive space for ALL women, especially beneficial for women made weary by the fierce tenderness of loving.

For all women experiencing profound transitions, these sessions will help you embrace the present and ease you through each wonderful stage of life with grace and joy. Eclectic, lighthearted, joyful mamashanti’s womanly yoga is in all possible respects relevant to modern womanhood.

Through 2020 I will be offering Pelvic Floor Rx as Private Sessions

Held via the magic of Zoom or Skype.

Private Session Fee – Full: $375/ Concession: $360 

Private Session Includes – 4.5 hour session and mamashanti’s comprehensive workshop notes, follow-up support from Nina.

* Concession – available for health card holders; or those who have attended classes, retreats or workshops with mamashanti. Please advise at time of booking.

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