This week I returned to teaching group workshops. It’s been a two year extended hibernation. A spontaneous and not always comfortable hiatus in my teaching that my beloved and very insightful neighbour @lyndall_mcquinn noted coincided with my Chiron Return.

Chiron – AKA – The Wounded Healer is all about your pain and how you heal it. When it returns to its birth position, at around the age of 50, old hurts will come to the surface. It can be s deeply reclusive and introspective time. The point of this is to face your wounds, deal with them, and use what you’ve learned to heal others. 

So that’s where I’ve been. Grateful to be emerging with a clear sense of purpose and renewed faith in how  I can be of service. 

As for turning fifty!

“… and now

for the main event

curtains up at fifty

let’s begin the show”

– Rupi Kaur

– #fifty #mamashanti #midlifemagic #midlife #perimenopause #rupikaur