Atelier Botanica is my own spiced organic chai, tea and latte label.  

Small batch handcrafted organic spice.  

Sourced, blended & bundled with love

Craft your own chai tea ritual with Atelier Botanica.  Brew your chai your own way, happy knowing our exceptional spice masalas have been carefully sourced and blended to consistently give you the freshest and most delightful chai experience possible. Our unique original chai blend – No. 001 Pure Potent Chai Spice artfully brings earthy and warming flavours together with intoxicating top notes for a perfectly balanced chai that references classic chai masalas with a fresh and contemporary edge.  This chai forms the basis for our delicious and unique range of organic  tea and latte blends:

Pure Potent Chai Spice

Chai Latte – Chai Spice Powder

Golden Turmeric Latte

Spiced Dark Chocolate

Beetroot Raw Cacao Latte

Golden Turmeric Tea

Licorice Splendour Tea

naturally and effortlessly

100% certified organic ingredients 

vegan  I  caffeine free  I  gluten free  soy free  I  free of preservatives and additives 

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