Mamashanti’s Pelvic Floor Rx – The Yin & Yang of Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity

Explore a highly evolved practice, that recognises your pelvic floor, just like the rest of your body is an entirely unique, intelligent, exquisite and complex structure.  In this insightful and inspiring session, we will journey into the subtle suite of practices that will have you lovingly create a new relationship with the muscles and energetic centres that inform your sense of feeling safe, grounded, confident and a potent, creative force within your personal realm.

Recognise the physical, energetic and emotional ways pelvic floor disfunction manifests and explore the many ways to enhance health, comfort and confidence.  This includes addressing undertoned pelvic floor and the very misunderstood and incredibly common, modern condition of the over toned pelvic floor.

We will open and close with deep restoration and nourishment. A place to move, breathe and re-engage with your own internal rhythms. This all adds up to being an exquisite womanly practice that will have you feeling thoroughly understood and lovingly supported.

These workshops are perfect for all women, especially beneficial for women made weary by the fierce tenderness of mothering. These sessions will give you practical ways to build energetic and emotional reserves; stimulate circulation; sooth the tired mind and frayed nerves; boost immunity; improve sleep; cultivate balance in strength and flexibility and stimulate your metabolism.


It is such a blessing to be 5 years into my mothering journey yet still be welcomed with open arms to your shantimama yoga workshops for the postnatal years. These workshops serve as an opportunity for me to take time out for myself and reconnect at a deep level – as you put it, to fill my own cup again. The practices that we learn in your workshops are subtle, practical and empowering. Thank you for creating a space for women to come together to nurture themselves and to share and learn from one another. Thank you for being such an incredible teacher. You remind us in everything you teach that less is often more, and that the smallest things can make the biggest differences. I always leave your sessions feeling nurtured, re-connected, empowered and very, very relaxed. The whole family benefits from my Saturday afternoons spent with you! — Vanessa —


Through out 2018, I will be offering Breathe for Birth Workshops as Private Sessionsfrom my studio, a delightful 10 minute drive from Daylesford; or wherever you are via Skype. 

Your session will come with a richly detailed set of supporting notes, so you can confidently take these practices from the workshop into your daily life.