Perhaps you find yourself at a cross road in your journey of service to birthing women?  Time spent with a mentor can help to illuminate opportunities to develop your personal and professional practice and open you to: 

  • Deepen your own yoga practice, enriching your personal relationship with all aspects of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy.
  • Refine your yoga teaching; to confidently observe and assess your students in practice, to create a balanced yoga class to serve the needs of pregnant women and to teach within the bounds of your evolving knowledge.
  • Enrich your practitioner skills set.
  • Explore ways to establish and grow your woman-centred business.
  • Explore the range and depth of approaches to teaching yoga to women during their birthing years.

My mentoring program will offer you a combination of attendance to my Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth classes, one-on-one post class debriefing and the opportunity to schedule follow-up sessions.

mamashanti_tools_of_the_tradeTeachers in training wishing to experience mamashanti’s yoga for pregnancy and birth are invited to participate in a yoga class and debrief session.  In this way, you will have a  clearer understanding of the philosophical basis for my teaching.



Mentoring Options:

Mentoring sessions:
One hour sessions booked either one-off or regular basis. Bring your agenda and we’ll work through it together.$80 per hour.

For more information, or to register your interest in mentoring with mamashanti, contact Nina.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.



When I first became pregnant I continued my normal hatha classes and then about half way I started to realise this was no longer appropriate practice for me. I asked around some of my Mama friends and was recommended to Mamashanti by a few different sources. I went along to check it out, thinking I would be getting another modified hatha class with a few bits of birthing wisdom thrown in and got such a lot more.

Nina’s classes are filled with wonderful nurturing postures that are in fact active birthing postures. They were subtle, gentle and so effective in nurturing and preparing my pregnant body for birthing my baby.

I decided to extend my practice with Nina after a diagnosis of ‘unstable pelvis’ and attended the mamashanti workshops on specific areas of challenge for pregnant women. By practicing Nina’s specific, gentle, quiet and effective postures I was able to manage throughout the rest of my pregnancy with no further damage to me or my baby. Her sensible advice and impressive body of work in this area still inspire me today as I continue to practice many of the postures she introduced me to.

Now, after delivering a healthy baby boy, I can reflect back on my yogic journey during my pregnancy and give thanks for the wonderful wise women who lead me to mamashanti. It is only now that I can truly appreciate how inappropriate a modified hatha class is for the pregnant woman. And how appropriate the quiet, gentle, subtle practices taught by Nina really are. Also I can now see how much this kind of yoga has to offer Mamas in the incredible task they undertake of carrying, birthing and raising a baby. I wish I could be Queen for a day and decree that all pregnant Mamas have the benefit of these wonderful practices. – xx Medine –