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Yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, allied health professionals are you looking for ways to enrich your support for women through their birthing years? I am now offering Professional Mentoring and Teaching Training.

For the past decade, I have been exclusively teaching yoga to women during their birthing years. As the founder of mamashanti I have devoted myself to being with women during their time of intense personal transformation. It’s been an intense time for me too! Sitting at the feet of birth, honouring birth in it’s countless guises continues to be humbling and ultimately the most loving and revealing teacher.

As a mentor I can offer you over two decades of professional practice in mentoring individuals and design teams. I spent almost 20 years in the role of landscape architect, guiding design teams to draw upon their individual and collective skills to create and implement innovative and high quality public domain projects.

In addition to professional teacher training and birth support training, I have Cert IV Small Business Management and have, and have provided professional mentoring to people establishing their own yoga, complimentary therapy and arts based businesses through RMIT’s National Enterprise Incentive Scheme.

Mentoring, training and teaching are my passion and I will be honoured to receive your request for support in exploring your own journey.

I started attending Nina’s prenatal yoga class when I was 17 weeks pregnant with my first child.  I had been suffering from nausea and vomiting since I was six week’s pregnant, and although I still wasn’t feeling better I had practiced yoga for years before I became pregnant and wanted to re-commence it as soon as I could.

It was really important to me that the yoga I practiced while pregnant was safe and gentle (without being too repetitive or boring), allowed me to practice poses that I could use during labour, and provided me with an opportunity to relax and bond with my growing baby in a supportive environment.  I feel so happy to have found Nina’s classes as all my needs were met, and I learnt so much more than anticipated through attending.  Nina’s philosophy that less is more allowed me to take the time to slow down, let go and breathe through a range of beautiful, appropriate yoga poses and breathing exercises that supported me and my growing baby.  I always felt confident that my well-being and that of my baby was paramount and never felt pushed beyond what was comfortable, in contrast the classes provided me with an opportunity to deeply relax.  I didn’t leave the classes feeling exhausted, but restored and nourished.

It was during my second pregnancy, when I attended a couple of other yoga classes that I was reminded how important Nina’s philosophy was for pregnancy.  I was surprised when the yoga teacher didn’t ask me how many week’s pregnant I was, and felt shocked when I saw that women were being led to undertake strenuous twists in their first trimester and warrior pose at full term.  These poses made me feel stretched beyond what was comfortable at that time and really tired.  When there wasn’t any mention of our pregnant state, or time to connect with our babies, I felt unsafe and I didn’t have faith that the teacher was tuned in with where we were at as pregnant women.  While I was able to self-regulate and adapt the poses because I was experienced, I felt concerned that other women who were new to yoga were vulnerable.

In contrast, Nina’s classes were instrumental in helping prepare my body and my mind for the birthing journey ahead.  The classes provided me with an important opportunity in today’s busy world to really connect with my baby and to “check in” with myself and my changing body.  I am confident that the classes played a key role in me birthing two babies without pain relief (my second two week’s ago), as I was so in touch with my body and baby and had a repertoire of poses and breathing exercises to access when in labour.  

In addition to the prenatal classes I also attended Nina’s Active Birth for Partner’s workshop and post natal yoga workshops.  Both complimented and built on what I learned through the prenatal classes, with more detail for the specific stage in life I was at, and provided me with continuity through the most beautiful and important journey of my life – becoming a mother. – Megan –



2018 Options

Mamashanti’s Yoga for the Birthing Years teacher Training

2018 Dates and Course outline available soon


Kundalini Yoga Awakening Woman Conscious Pregnancy Training

2018 Dates to be announced soon

I’m honoured to join Suraj Kaur and her magnificent teaching faculty to offer this training again in 2017.  Link with more information coming soon.


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