Mamashanti’s Breathe for Birth Workshop is a rich and intentional practice, created to give you the essential skills you need to prepare for one of your life’s most significant experiences. Through 2018, Breathe for Birth Workshops will be held as Private Sessions.

What is Breathe for Birth? This practice speaks the subtle language of your Automatic Nervous System (ANS), to “get you out of your head and into your body”.  The elements we use to speak to your ANS are intimate breathing techniques integrated with rhythmic movement and exquisitely languid pacing. These elements are woven together to progressively draw you into the dreamy altered state of consciousness essential to birth your child from your body into your arms. This is the place to go to have a purely embodied experience of what it means to truly engage with the process of childbirth. 

Begin anytime from the start of your second trimester, and return through out your pregnancy to enrich your capacity to create your own practice in preparation for birth. These sessions are the synthesis of over a decade of birth support, offering you profound and practical ways to use your breath to:

  • Lean into the exquisite intensity of childbirth;
  • Consciously connect with your child;
  • Build emotional and energetic resilience;
  • Melt tension and resistance from your whole body;
  • Build trust in your body, your baby, your birth support and your birth choices;
  • Protect your pelvic floor integrity by leaning the essential art of opening your birth canal as you experience the difference between functional and “dysfunctional” pushing;
  • Release favourable birthing hormones to support progress in labour;
  • Enter into the glorious altered state of consciousness that can lead to moments of joyful and maybe even ecstatic birth
  • Summon the will and resources to birth your child with dignity and grace.


Breathe for Birth Workshops are wonderful for first time mamas; those carrying birth trauma or any woman hoping to create a more positive birth experience. Perfect anytime from the start of your second trimester, attend once to experience a comprehensive understanding of how to make these practices your own. Should you choose to return, each time you immerse into these sessions you can expect to deepen and enrich your understanding of how to create your own intimate birth preparation practice.

Through out 2018, I will be offering Breathe for Birth Workshops as Private Sessions, held at either my studio, a delightful 10 minute drive from Daylesford; or wherever you are via Skype.


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