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Mamashanti’s Active {conscious & engaged} Birth

Mamashanti’s Active {conscious & engaged} Birth

Mamashanti’s Active {conscious & engaged} Birth is a unique approach to birth preparation integrating rhythmic movement, intentional breathing and delicious bodywork to help you lean into the intensity of labour. Immersion in this practice will give you the means to habituate your capacity to positively work with the experience of birthing your baby. Increasingly popular with women seeking to resolve birth trauma, mamashanti’s workshops and private sessions are perfect for all women hoping to create a positive birth experience.

“Willing women, especially those whose lifestyle has not served them in building up habituated ‘working with pain’ skills (a habit of slowing and deepening your breathing, a habit of relaxing your muscles, a habit of rhythmic movement) will need, perhaps like a dancer to practice to the point of habituation the active birth positions and strategies that will provide a springboard for instinctive birthing behaviours and the ‘evolutionary regressions’ to kick in.

Building up a familiarity with these movements will enable the willing woman to more readily surrender to her instincts, instead of being hijacked by her pain instincts. The idea of ‘practise till habituation’ is not about ‘control over’ but rather a ‘path in’ and is the foundation to surrendering to your birthing instincts.”

Rhea Dempsey – Birth With Confidence

Each element of Mamashanti’s Active {conscious & engaged} Birth plays a unique role to create a unified and accessible way for you to claim sovereignty in your birthing journey; to birth your child with dignity and grace. Immersion in these workshops helps you take mamashanti’s unique suite of active birth practices from learned technique into the realm of instinct and intuition. This is what will create profound body-felt confidence in your own boundless birthing potential. By attending specialist birth preparation workshops designed to support you through pregnancy and prepare for birth, you will habituate your capacity to positively engage with the intensity of birthing your child.

Mamashanti’s Active {conscious & engaged} Birth Preparation Package is Victoria’s most comprehensive and accessible preparation for childbirth. Breathe for Birth (just for women) and Birth Partners Workshop (for women and partners) package them together and attend when it suits you best.

Mamashanti’s Breathe for Birth Workshop is a women’s-only space designed to offer you ways to experience how and when to take mamashanti’s Active {conscious & engaged} Birth practices from the yoga mat and into your birthing space. Perfect anytime from the start of your second trimester, attend once to experience a comprehensive understanding of how to make these practices your own. Should you choose to return, each time you immerse into these sessions you can expect to deepen and enrich your understanding of how to create your own intimate birth preparation practice.

Mamashanti’s Birth Partners Workshop will help you and your partner to create intimacy and confidence by adapting and applying these techniques {and more} to real life birth scenarios. As a session made rich with ample time for practice and reflection, you and your partner will build confidence in your capacity to mutually support one another in birthing your child and becoming parents.

Mamashanti’s Active {conscious & engaged} Birth Preparation Package – Book Victoria’s most comprehensive and accessible preparation for childbirth. Breathe for Birth (just for women) and Birth Partners Workshop (for pregnant women & their partners) packaged together for a generously reduced combined price Full: $430/ Concession: $415*

Perhaps you would like a Private Birth Preparation Session? An appointment with Mamashanti’s Active Birth Clinic will give you time, space and a personalised plan to help you enrich your birth preparation.


Every Spring Blows In Winds Of Change…

On a mild Spring afternoon in 2008, I received a call from Billie Atherstone. It had been a while since we had last spoke, I was delighted to receive the call! Billie and I had met a couple of years earlier at a one-day prenatal yoga teacher training event. It’s fair to say, I instantly liked this willowy, quietly spoken woman.

Soon after the training day, an email arrived, Billie and her sister Pip were opening a Yoga and Acupuncture health clinic – “wow” I thought “these sisters are amazing! Not only do they get along, but they can co-create something as wonderful as Kundalini House.” Billie remembered me from that training day and kindly asked me to provide class covers, an easy thing for me to do in those days as we lived just a few minutes away. Back then she asked me to consider running a regular class. How I would have loved to, but my plate was ever so full – working part time, soul mothering my young son and running a couple of prenatal yoga classes from a tiny studio in Fairfield.

A little time passed, I left my day job and began birth attendant training. In addition to my weekly prenatal yoga classes, I started offering prenatal yoga for partners classes. That winter, I joined the NEIS scheme, so by Spring it was time to get my specialist prenatal yoga business off the ground!  

I soon found myself with the beautiful problem of outgrowing the space I was hiring, and at a cross roads. In many ways started to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to step forward…. and then Billie called!

That lovely voice on the other end of the phone, gently asking how things were for me? How are those classes, and what were my plans? With those simple questions, I dropped my guard and shared my dilemma. I needed to start a business, I didn’t have the circumstances to support opening a studio, and really all I felt called to do was to teach prenatal yoga!

With kindness and wisdom beyond her years, Billie suggested I move in to Kundalini House, that I bring my business into her space and Together we would Flourish. Oh my goodness, there was one answer to that proposal and that was Yes! We agreed I would begin with the New Year. And so I did! Before moving in, I had a list of none-negotiable stipulations, both Billie and Pip were open and loving in our planning:

  1. To create a meaningful prenatal yoga program, we need to offer more than one class each week;
  2. It was not OK to offer prenatal yoga at the bum (I had much stronger language to describe unhelpful class times!) end of the timetable;
  3. I would need props, a whole lot of props!

There may have been more, darling Billie and Pip graciously accepted them all! I moved in, and within a very short time, we changed the way prenatal yoga was offered in Melbourne and perhaps Australia. Unlike many studios, these classes were placed front and centre in the Kundalini House timetable. We decided from the outset that contemporary pregnancy support were now the central to the philosophy of the studio. We initially offered three classes each week and very soon expanded to four, giving pregnant women the opportunity to practice yoga at almost any time of the week.

Some of you may remember, in those days Kundalini House was level 1 of 391 St Georges Road. In that upstairs space was a lovely reception, three practitioner rooms one bathroom and one yoga room. It was like the Tardis!

Classes grew, the program extended to include monthly Active Birth Workshops. The props bill grew and darling Billie and Pip graciously kept bringing in supplies. Somewhere along the way, classes grew and overflowed the yoga room. We had waiting lists and women queuing out the door for most classes – we were outgrowing the space!

While all of this was happening, there were other stirrings going on in the background; something else happened, my partner and I found our dream home…. in a small town near Daylesford, an hour and a half away.

That was five years ago. I was so happy to be moving into this whole new way of life – a small property, space en-wilden my son just before the teen years and a place to make home for my little family. I announced my move to Billie and Pip – that wasn’t easy. What to do? I needed to hand over some classes and was grateful to see our Billie and Rachel step in to teach the Monday morning and evening sessions. This became the next innovation, just like any Hatha or Kundalini Yoga class, you could have a variety of teachers leading Prenatal Yoga classes within the one timetable.

Through out this time, Billie and Pip were not only managing their own practices, they were running a growing health clinic and growing their young families. We spoke often about more space and they searched the inner north for a possible replacement space, but the right one didn’t come. The solution as it turned out was right under our noses, in a great leap of faith, Billie and Pip took over the lease for the bottom half of the building, and the rest of that adventure is a joy to behold each time you enter the front door.

Since our move to the country, I have continued running weekly classes, last year in response to my own health issues, I cut back from two to one. This Winter, the uncomfortable truth became clear, that after five years of travelling from the country to lead my classes, it was time for me to pick up the phone and call Billie. One of the most difficult calls I’ve ever made. Billie as always, so kind compassionate and gracious accepted my resignation. It’s time, we agreed to hand over the baton, time refresh the program.

I am forever grateful to Billie for making that call in the Spring of 2008. In the safe container of Kundalini House, I’ve been able to grow and evolve my practice. Somewhere along the way, mamashanti and Kundalini House became known for offering a particular style of prenatal yoga. Somewhere in that, it became clear to me that I was no longer teaching prenatal yoga classes, they had morphed into a whole new modality. Classes were now a unique blend of yogic philosophy, rhythmic movement, intimate breath practices, acupressure and contemporary childbirth education – Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth. I truly believe it was the unique confluence of environment, support and loving inspiration that made this possible.

I sought pregnancy yoga to increase my confidence in birthing my baby with minimal medical intervention. Your yoga met this need plus so much more. You helped me with the emotional ups and downs of the pregnancy journey. You drip fed information each week about baby development, birthing baby, staying healthy during and post pregnancy, attachment strategies ie ways to increase bonding with baby both during pregnancy and afterwards.  You gave me strategies to predict medical intervention, minimise medical intervention and also give permission for invention when needed ie not a black and white view that medical intervention is ‘bad’.  You enabled me to connect with my body and get into zone even in a very medicalised environment during labour. The positions practiced in class focused on exactly what I needed during labour.  I had a drug free labour that I believe was only possible because of your classes!!! — Louise–

I realised a couple of months ago, that my time with Kundalini House has been the longest and certainly the most joyful I’ve experienced anywhere! Staying with the studio has helped me work through my commitment issues – on so very many levels. I will dearly miss the spontaneous conversations in hallways; the kindness and support of the whole group of yoga teachers and practitioners; the sharing of baby news from our clients and the tides of babies sweeping through our teaching and practitioner group – I’ll Miss It ALL.

So what next? Kundalini House will continue to be the place to go for integrated pregnancy and postnatal support. That for me is very clear! I’ll be consolidating my time with less travel and bringing more, closer to home. I’ll continue teaching weekly classes in Kyneton, where it’s been an absolute delight connect with local women and to welcome in women who have migrated from North Fitzroy to North-North Fitzroy! I’ll be blending chai and sending that spicy magic as far and wide as I can. I’m quite looking forward to reconfiguring the way I offer opportunities for birth preparation and I’ll be developing the next iteration of mamashanti teacher training. So in many ways, nothing is changing because this story is all about change… so watch this space!

I close with expressing my infinite love and gratitude for Billie and Pip, for all of the teachers and practitioners of Kundalini House, and of course heart-exploding love for all of you beautiful pregnant women who have invested your trust in me.  You have all helped me find my voice in my calling; and to stop resisting the call to be with women during their birthing years.  You’ve given me courage to listen to my heart and teach from a collective wisdom that can only be found at the seat of the great teacher – Birth. 


Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart

This is a practice to cultivate compassion. We often consider compassion as our loving exchange with the outside world, however compassion to the self is equally essential.  For me, this practice is simply an essential. 

Cultivate compassion to help you relinquish your need for control; build your capacity for unconditional love; to dispel fear and attachments and to let go of old ideas about your self and how life is supposed to be. By building your emotional resilience you will liberate yourself from all out dated ways and rules that no longer serve you. When your heart is filled with compassion it’s easier to feel in the flow with all of creation, to feel content and generous in both your outlook and your self regard.

Never Give Up. No matter what is going on. Never give up
Develop the heartToo much energy in your country is spent developing the mind instead of the heart.
Be compassionate. Not just to your friends, but to everyone.
Be compassionate. Work for peace in your heart and in the world.
Work for peaceAnd I say again Never Give Up. No matter what is going on around you. Never give up” – Dalai Lama XIV

Take your most comfortable, well supported seated position – extend your arms in front of you, palms pressed firmly together and arms parallel to the floor.

Inhale deeply through your nose – and spread your arms out wide in a large expansive gesture. Feel the front of your heart centre open and expand as you fill your lungs with air. Your arms keep opening and stretch as you continue to inhale, stretching them as far back as they can go.

Exhale through your nose – bring your arms back together, palms touching. Extending your arms forward, feel the back of your heart centre open.

Continue this practice – keeping your arms parallel to the floor, feel the stretch through your shoulders, sides of your rib cage, through your arms al the way to your fingertips.

Refine your practice – eyes closed and rolled up to your third eye point through out. With each inhalation recite a silent “Sat” and with each exhalation “Nam” ~ “Truth is my True Identity” or “I am Truth”.

Repeat this practice – 26 times or for around three minutes.

To close – take a deep inhalation, raise your arms above your head for a great big stretch, lower slowly as you exhale. Hands rest on your knees, palms facing up. Take your three silky soft sighing breaths and then return to feeling the natural ebb and flow of your breath as you integrate the benefits of this practice.

Sat Nam

image credit and practice adapted from

The 8 Human Talents – Restore the Balance and Serenity Within You with Kundalini Yoga

Gurmukh with Cathy Michon

Thinking Big Thinks…

 There’s something about being drawn back to attending births and then having long hours cloistered in our cozy home that has made conditions so very conducive to cooking up some big ideas!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the great honour to support a very dear woman and her husband in birthing their second son. Another beautiful birth and another deeply formative experience for your mamashanti.

After a break of two {swift} years, my return to the birthing room has me feeling even more humbled by the magnificence of birth. Birth and the exquisite intensity that sweeps through birthing women remains my most loving teacher and richest inspiration.

Feeling so very inspired, this month I am pleased to be launching my new venture, my new baby – mamashanti’s active birth clinic. It’s a bold idea – to bring women more options for individualised care, please read on and let me know what you think!

Sending you cozy, warm blessings

xx Nina