Active Birth Clinic Private Sessions

Book a private session with Nina and together we will craft an Active Birth Plan to suit your unique needs and lifestyle. Your plan will:

[one_fourth]Detail simple and effective active birth practices; [/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Help you appreciate your body’s innate birthing potential; [/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Consciously create new ways to weave birth preparation into your daily life;[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Help you feel prepared and confident in all of your birth choices.[/one_fourth_last]


Who are these sessions for? Any pregnant woman at any stage of pregnancy. Superb for first-time mothers and an excellent refresher for women who have birthed; whether you are a novice or seasoned practitioner, you will experience a fresh and wholistic perspective on active birth. These sessions will be of particular assistance if you:

[list_circle] [li]Have been advised anytime in the last 8 weeks of pregnancy your baby is settling in an unfavourable position for birth;[/li][li]Are unable to attend regular prenatal yoga classes;[/li][li]Feel your baby’s position may have influenced your previous birth experience;[/li][li]Are experiencing pelvic girdle pain {AKA pelvic instability};[/li][li]Are concerned about your pelvic floor function before, during or after pregnancy;[/li][li]Would like to understand how to confidently adapt and apply active birth techniques, to consciously take them from the yoga mat into the birthing room;[/li][li]Are simply hoping to create a more positive birth experience.[/li][/list_circle]

These sessions can been attended once off, regularly through your pregnancy or as a series of weekly birth preparation sessions through your pregnancy. You may like to attend these sessions alone, with your partner or birth companion so you can work with the practices together.

What you can expect from a visit to  mamashanti’s active birth clinic…

compassionate conversation ~ about your lifestyle, your birth choices and any concerns you may have about pregnancy, birth and motherhood. These sessions can help you understand and integrate the advice given by your medical caregivers….

birth choices ~ opportunity to reflect on your hopes and concerns for birth and early motherhood; exploration of your birthing preferences to help you articulate a model of care that best suits your needs.

postural review ~ as we all carry our life’s histories in our bodies, a postural appraisal will help reveal imbalances that may be may be influencing your energy levels and your child’s capacity to position favourably.

pelvic mapping ~ if you feel concerned about your capacity to birth naturally, we can map the dimensions of your pelvis, to better appreciate your birthing potential.

belly mapping ~ learn to interpret your baby’s patterns of movement to better understand your child’s position.

active birth practices ~ together we will work through each breathing and active birth posture/ movement so you can confidently take home mamashanti’s notes and integrate these practices into your daily routine.

gentle bodywork ~ you might like a bit of hands on help from Nina with Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure and subtle practices to unravel tension and resistance from your body and encourage your baby to settle into a favourable position for birth.

energetic healing ~ reiki for you and your baby can feel like the two of you are being washed in radiant love-filled light. The softness is creates, gives you a way to detach from the external pressures of pregnancy and drift inward to simply be at one with your child. It’s a way of connecting intimately with your changing self and your growing child.

professional referrals ~ because sometimes we could use a little extra help. Nina has a network of experienced, compassionate practitioners who can help you find more comfort and confidence in your body and yourself.

birth planning ~ so you can make conscious choices in every step of your birthing journey, there’s such power in the process of exploring the full dimensions of birth.

Feel confidence in articulating your preferences for birth; how to work effectively with your chosen birth setting and care providers. Clarify the tone and qualities you hope to experience in birth and take time to understand the potential influence of many routinely offered procedures.

diet and lifestyle ~ using Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, we’ll look at ways you can fine tune your diet and lifestyle to help you feel the best you can through pregnancy and prepare for a healthful time in early motherhood.

 All sessions come with your own tailored Active Birth Plan ~ to suit your unique needs and your lifestyle. Your plan will detail all of the practices we’ve used so you can take them home and integrate them into your daily life.



Venues/ fees 2014

Thursday afternoons at Kundalini House 391 St Georges Road North Fitzroy

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Nina’s private studio, 10 minutes from Daylesford

Fee Schedule:

90 minute:
initial consult: $135 full/ $125 concession
return consult: $125 full/ $115 concession

60 minute:
initial consult: $95 full/ $85 concession
return consult: $90 full / $80 concession

Extended Sessions:
2.5 hour: $220 full/ $200 concession

Country rates, take $10 off these session fees

For more information or to make an appointment contact Nina