Perfectly Pink Pre-Menstruation Potion

I feel myself sliding into the ’The Void’. The hazy few days before my period arrives. Even though it’s early summer, my body feels cold, all of my inflammatory conditions are getting twitchy – hay fever and asthma are volatile, digestion is getting a bit NQR and random endometriosis pain is Read more…

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atelier botanica

small batch handcrafted organic spice.  sourced, blended & bundled with love Atelier Botanica is my own spiced organic tea and latte label.   Craft your own chai tea ritual with Atelier Botanica.  Brew your chai your own way, happy knowing our exceptional spice masalas have been carefully sourced and blended to consistently give you Read more…

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Breathe for Birth

What do my Breathe for Birth  and Pelvic Floor Rx Retreats have in common?

These sessions are focussed on creating your own personal practice to protect and sustain Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity. To access juicy birthing hormones, we need to connect with the energetic centre of the pelvic floor, we need to de-armour, down-regulate, nourish and engage with the parasympathetic nervous system. The same goes for connecting with your pelvic Read more…

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Active Birth Clinic

Open Your Heart

This is a practice to cultivate compassion. We often consider compassion as our loving exchange with the outside world, however compassion to the self is equally essential.  For me, this practice is simply an essential.  Cultivate compassion to help you relinquish your need for control; build your capacity for unconditional love; to Read more…

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Nourishing Recipes

Brothy Poached Eggs 

Time for Warm and Nourishing Breakfast This recipe it adapted from Angela C. Wu’s wonderful book Fertility Wisdom.  I love this recipe all year round, it is especially a favourite here through the cooler months. This recipe is perfect for those post-period/ postpartum days {when all bleeding has ceased}, a time Read more…

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